Our Mission

Inspire and build a creative community through the promotion, appreciation and teaching of craft.

The Worcester Center for Crafts is a nonprofit, community-based arts organization committed to:

  • Providing quality craft education
  • Assisting artists/artisans to gain visibility and marketplace prominence
  • Supporting entrepreneurship in the arts
  • Promoting an appreciation for fine craft and the handmade object

since 1856

Our History

In 1856, we were established as the Worcester Employment Society. In the early days, the Center forged its tradition of economic empowerment through craft by teaching the skills necessary to create and sell handmade crafts, primarily to immigrants and immigrant women. Today, the Worcester Center for Crafts is an organization that still sees the value of craft in improving the quality of life for Worcester residents.

The Worcester Center for Crafts completed its 153rd year in 2009 by forging an alliance and partnership with Worcester State University. WSU’s Visual and Performing Arts classes in art and music meet in our studios, and student transportation is provided by the Sagamore Shuttle. WSU, as our partner, provides much-needed support, including leadership expertise. Together, we are moving forward into a future of “inspiring and building a creative community through the promotion, appreciation, and teaching of craft.”